my copy of demolicious finally arrived today and i just finished listening to it and all i can really say is that the acoustic version of stay the night is the best thing i have ever heard im going to cry and never stop listening to it




like so much of the stuff which tries to be really seriously “anti self diagnosis” has a really weird idea of what doctors do

Every doctor is doctor house, ultimate medical detective


im sorry but if youre gonna pull that “hail hydra” bullshit on my status about sansa stark im shutting you down and not engaging any further i dont even care holy heck



martin freeman literally thinks queer disabled women are some outlandish ridiculous concept not worthy of being acknowledged like wow


what a glorious 3 AM this is.


what a glorious 3 AM this is.



i’ve stopped trash talking comic sans after learning the font is actually one of the only dyslexia-friendly fonts that come standard with most computers and i advocate for others doing the same






Myths About Autism (PDF)




This flyer can help you debunk common myths about autism that you might hear this month and year round. 

Might I add "Autism is a choice" to the list of myths? I mean rationally one can infer that its not by the rest of them, but apparently some people don’t make that connection. I hear that one a lot, most strikingly in a developmental psychology class where someone asked “If someone doesn’t take turns in conversation, are they just choosing not to do that or…” The teacher said “Yes.”

I also just watched a Ted Talk video in class where a well respected scientist that perpetuated the idea that autistic people don’t feel empathy. Which was shown by a single, faulty study that did not control for missed facial cues. The ones that do showed no difference between ASD & NT children.

I think its safe to say he knows plenty about primate behavior but has no merit to speak on the realm of developmental disabilities and probably should have just not said anything at all on the matter.

I can’t even put into words how angry things like this make me

Not the list, i hasten to add. But the fact that myths like this exist.

Because yes, I am autistic. But I only found out about a year ago, but since then I feel the need to add it to conversations because it explains why I’m a bit quirky.

But that doesnt mean I am a different person to who I was before. I am a perfectly rational human being and I care about other people as much as the next person. I just don’t always understand how to show that, or how I’m supposed to act in social situations, or why some things are a certain way and not another that makes more sense to me.

I am not a bloody alien.

Wait, what? Autism is a choice? Do you know how fucked up that idea is? I can’t even. I have never even heard that before and my mind is blown. Do you think I would choose to be different and unable to navigate social situations except by wrote.

It makes sense with the whole ‘you are just using it as an excuse’ rhetoric when an autist explains a nuance or a behavior and the whole “they can stop being autistic’ thing that parents do when trying to correct benign behaviors .

(bolding mine)

I mean, it also explains why people think that behavioral therapy works, or that indistinguishability is a meaningful goal, or why studies on the efficacy of various therapies use decreased behaviors as a benchmark.

Because they deeply don’t get that sure, you can suppress “behaviors” or mannerisms by force of will, but that’s not the same as changing your core neurological configuration.  That somebody can be doing that, but their internal experience is still of being autistic.

I read a book not long ago, which on the whole I liked, by a popular writer, about geniuses and artists throughout history who were observably, probably autistic.  Which in many ways is a brilliant, compassionate retort to the “epidemic” mythology.

And yet, he keeps making this mistake.  He keeps describing kids who “won’t” talk, or “wouldn’t” talk, not who could not talk.



It is 2014, can we stop having female characters demean other ladies for their femininity or use their gender as a insult for men.

I’m just so tired of it.


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"guess since im a white man im not allowed to have opinions"

your opinions have shaped the world we live in today not being catered to for 83.9 seconds will not fuckin kill you

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