"misogyny is a made up tumblr meme"


shit man how long has tumblr been around

no wonder all the good urls are fuckin taken 

inara serra + her dresses

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>Did you really believe that?


This scene is about so much more than that, though. Just before this gifset starts, the Master is looking past Martha to address the Doctor. “Such a disappointment, this one,” he says. “Days of old, Doctor, you had companions who could absorb the time vortex.  This one’s useless!” He’s insulting Martha twice over — once with the literal insults he’s saying, and once by addressing his words to the Doctor rather than Martha herself. He’s completely dismissing her as worthless.

This is important — is critical to understanding her character’s arc, I would say — because it’s exactly the sentiment that Martha has been struggling with all season-long. The whole time she’s traveled with the Doctor, she’s felt as though she doesn’t measure up. The Doctor talks about how great Rose was, he keeps secrets from Martha, and then as John Smith he falls in love with Joan Redfern, rather than her. When she meets Captain Jack Harkness, he too enthuses about how amazing Rose was. And when he does, you can tell: Martha Jones doesn’t feel like she can even hope to equal Rose.

That’s what Martha’s journey is all about: struggling to find her own worth as the successor to someone who accomplished great things (not the least of which was winning the Doctor’s hearts). When the Master dismisses her from his consideration and insults her abilities to the Doctor, he’s externalizing Martha’s biggest fears.

And what does she do then? She laughs. She laughs in the face of her tormentor, of her own personal fears personified, and then proceeds to calmly and with a smile explain how she’s foiled his plans. She’s outsmarted and tricked the Master, one of the cleverest minds in the universe. In the process, she shows just how wrong his opinion of her was — which in a way was also the Doctor’s opinion of her and her own opinion of herself. It’s an incredibly powerful moment, and I think it’s the real climax of her dramatic arc that season.

It’s so much more than just being more “genre-savvy” than the Master.

OMG. The first time that I watched through Martha’s season was when it aired, right after Rose was ripped from Tennant. And being a young kid, I still wasn’t over Rose’s exit from the show. So I dismissed Martha as the worst companion for the Doctor. But I’ve done my rewatches and I get excited every time I get to season 3, not just because my favorite villains are in it, but because I get to see Martha come out of nowhere and impress the pants off on not only the Master, but her family, Jack, and even the Doctor. Like holy shit, he can see all of time and space, but he glanced over Martha Jones, just because she wasn’t Rose and he didn’t see her importance because he was still mourning Rose.

tl;dr version: Martha wasn’t just overlooked by the Doctor (or even the characters in the show) but by the audience because of what we had been through with Rose

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No, but okay, just imagine for a second an autistic character in a tv show that’s a main character, and is like an actual person, three dimensional and not just there as a disability, but it’s just part of who they are, and it’s not a major thing, it’s sort of there and sometimes there are meltdowns and the other people know what to do and it’s not a big deal to wear a weighted blanket like a cape or to have to stop and look at the way the light interacts with stained glass or pet every single kitty you come across because the sensory input is just so lovely. Imagine friendships and romantic relationships and adorable stimming and clothes that don’t have tags and therapy animals and sensory breaks and what it’s actually like to be autistic, which is wonderful and nothing and everything because it just simply is. Imagine an entire cast of autistic characters not being used as jokes or plot points, and imagine seasons upon seasons of wonderful writing and characterizations and plot and story arcs and it would be so beautiful.

Imagine that.

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No. There is no ‘opting out’. And it’s not about liking it. Not liking it is akin to not liking ourselves. And we don’t need that kind of self hate, seeing as how we get enough of it from the rest of the world. Being autistic is great. Being autistic also sucks. Just like being human is great, and also sucks. And yes, sometimes living in a neurotypical world makes it harder for us, but that doesn’t make us hate the autism. (This is coming from someone diagnosed.)

We need happy portrayals of autism. Not ‘oh these poor parents with their disabled child’ or ‘oh it’s another autistic psychopathic killer, but it’s sad because they didn’t know what they were doing’.
We need autistics doing art and solving crime and flying planes and writing books and starring in films and saving lives and fighting fires and teaching and discovering new species and going to space and designing buildings and making life better. For everyone.

Because get used to it, because we’re here and we’re awesome and maybe sometimes we need different things, but that doesn’t make us less worthy of having representation.

(Also, you’ve obviously never seen me around a cat. Because HELLO I AM PETTING IT.)

Oh yay! Another allistic person telling us how to feel and that we can’t possibly interpret characters as autistic AND cute because hell, we can’t have human characteristics! We must always be someone inspiration porn or tragic story, right?

And I love to pet all the cats.  Alllllll the cats.


i mean i could feel bad about still being up doing things at half past two in the morning

but i could remind myself that it’s midday somewhere, so i’m really not that bad



It’s a metaphor, see: you hold a pen with your homework in front of you, but you don’t do it, you don’t give it the power to do its killing


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there’s a time and a place to use slurs and that is never and nowhere